Dasya’s Story

Myriads of experiences shape all of our lives. Yet few are as impacting as the loss of someone precious to us. As Jerry walked through the death of his first granddaughter, Dasya (pronounced Dah-see-ah), in very concrete ways his loss brought home how important “memories” are to us and how quickly they can pass.

Dasya’s death spurred Jerry to record, not only those special people and significant seasons of life, but special memories of God’s great beauty around us. When Jerry expanded his passion for photography and began a name search for his work, Dasya seemed most appropriate. At Dasya’s Photography, you’ll find his commitment to celebrating the Lord’s gracious faithfulness and gift of salvation through faith in Jesus, John 3.16, his commitment to celebrating people and their cherished memories and celebrating life as the Lord has blessed. It’s all summed up well in our remembrance of Dasya.