Birds, Burgers, and Bosque del Apache

Maybe I should have put “burgers” first! No, it’s birds, sandhill cranes in particular, which draw me again and again to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.

Each year large numbers of cranes migrate through this flyway and you can always find interesting opportunities for photography or just enjoying the birds.

Now, about the “burgers,” there’s a café in San Antonio NM called the Buckhorn which is famous for their “Green Chili Cheeseburger”! It’s worth a stop!

There’s more to Bosque than just cranes. You’ll find opportunity to watch or photograph Roadrunners, Gabel’s Quail, Snow Geese, Bald Eagles, various Hawks, songbirds, deer, and more.

Also, each of these images are available for purchase on the website, check them out!

P.S. – Sorry I’ve been slow on updating things as our move coupled with some pressing health needs of a friend have taken extra effort and time.